Decision made 

So, we have decided that Little P needs a sibling. It’s taken quite sometime to come to the decision, but now we find ourselves once again on the long and bumpy road of fertility treatment. 

I won’t lie it feels strange, really strange. I have no idea if every mother feels this way once they have decided to have another baby. I feel guilty. Are we spending money (a huge amount possibly) on something that might not even work? Will Little P think they weren’t enough for us? That some how we needed more? Is the treatment going to interfere with Little P’s daily life? 

As I sit here in the dark cuddling my baby I can’t help but wonder if we are doing the right thing. Are we being selfish? We no longer have just ourselves to think about. 

And so this time as we stand staring down the long bumpy road there are three of us holding hands hoping to one day be four.  




3 thoughts on “Decision made 

  1. Good luck to you guys ! Great Decision☺️. I too am in the same position as you and a few beautiful people have Told me not to feel selfish for wanting a sibling for my miracle boy. So I’m not anymore 😊 it’s a natural feeling for sure.
    You can do this, you know what you are in for and you will have the strength to do it again. It’s a little different going through the process with a little one but you can do it👍. Take care of yourself and best wishes on your journey xxx 🌺


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