Clap along…

Because I’m happy! 
Yesterday we had our medical consent appointment and I had my bloods taken for my AMH. I also had to provide a wee sample as part of the infection screening. Typically I’d just been but managed to produce enough, however as I looked at the cup I contemplated tipping it away as it was bright, glow in the dark yellow, as a result of the vitamins I’m taking. As I handed it over I felt the need to explain. The nurse said her vitamin c tablets do the same and she often worries about what might be said if she ever needed to have a urine test.  

The consultant part went well, she plans on keeping me on the same protocol as last time, the long protocol but upping the stimulation drug, by a bit possibly more depending on the results of my AMH test. I was on a fairly low dose before so there is plenty of wiggle room. She also talked about possibly changing the Down regulation drug, but I was happy to keep it the same, I don’t see the need to change it when it worked previously. 

As I walked back to the car holding my husbands hand I felt a real sense of happiness and calm. 

I spent the afternoon with my little boy, watching him play, playing with him, laughing and smiling together. It then dawned on me, I hadn’t felt this happy, really smile, laugh and giggle to yourself happy in a very long time! 

It’s not like I’ve been unhappy, but I have spent along time worrying about if we were going to do ‘this’ again and now that we are it’s like a whole load of worry has been released. 

I know this is a journey of uncertainty, there are no guarantees, there are going to be highs and lows, good days and bad. I’m also sure I’m in for plenty of surprises along the way to keep me on my toes. But for now I’m feeling happy and with happiness comes positivity. 

So, for now I’m floating on clouds of positivity I can’t stop smiling. I’m sure I’ve had some strange looks today as I’ve been out and about. 

And the title of this post? I just can’t stop singing, because I’m happy… 


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