Time to tell work

So far the thing I’ve found myself worrying about the most is telling my work place that we want to try for a sibling. Which of all the things I could be worrying about I feel more than a bit stupid. What could they possibly say ‘no!’

For 12 days I’ve had a headache, it just won’t go, it goes from pounding making me want to throw up, to barely there, but still there. You’ll only understand how that last description feels when you’ve had that kind of headache. 

I think part of it is the resentment I feel, how many other women I work with have had to approach our boss and ask permission to try for a baby? Can you imagine if everyone had to sit her down and tell her they’ve decide they’d like to have a baby. Frankly I’m fed up of her knowing so much about something which should just be between my husband and I and anyone else I choose to talk to rather than feeling obligated to inform her of our decision. 

Anyhow, I had no need to be worrying myself so much, she was actually really happy for us, and also a little sad that having just got me back I could be leaving again. 

So I can now relax and enjoy my 2 weeks holiday, in fact it’s more like 17 days as I’m part time. 

I’m still feeling happy and positive and have a new tune in my head Walking on Sunshine, which looking outside is a tad ironic. 


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