Best laid plans

I’ve been kept on my toes this week! Just when it feels like I have a plan, bham! Something comes along to throw it all of balance 


1) this week my car needed a service, leaving me carless with a toddler for a whole day. We only ever stay in if little p is unwell. But, having no car will not stop us getting out and about. There’s a lovely little park just 20 mins walk away. Cue typical April showers, torrential rain, hail and strong winds. So instead we spent a day painting, baking, building with play dough,playing chase and hide and seek. 

2) little p has a morning at nursery and I decide to book a hot stone massage, my idea of pure bliss. When I arrive it seems to be a surprise, alarm bells start ringing and panic sets in, they are not expecting me. After some email searching the lady realises she didn’t book me in. But, instead offers me a neck, back and shoulder massage almost as good, but I’d have preferred someone with warm hands. When I leave I still have time for a hot chocolate and my kindle. But, no! Wait! While I’ve been having a relaxing massage little P’s nursery and my husband have been calling. Cue a day spent having a cut on his head glued, then reglued later in the day after he’s picked it all off. 

Still with me? Well done 

3) today is cd1 and the day little p is having jab number 1 of 2 for meningitis b. So, out comes the calendar to plan when jab number 2 will be. It’s then I realise this is the month I’d expected to start treatment, but as we’ve not yet had the injection training we have to wait until next cycle. As I look at possible dates for DR stims and possible EC I realise there is a real possibility that EC could be the same day we plan to go away for the weekend. What am I going to do? I can’t comprehend putting it off for yet another month. So, here it seems my plans are falling apart. I’m kind of hoping my clinic will allow me to DR for a little longer than needed so we can push EC back a week or so. And if not… Well I guess I’ll just have to make new plans. 

For now my happy feet will keep on dancing. 


One thought on “Best laid plans

  1. The juggling of life around Ivf is brutal and often insane!! But somehow we get the strength and determination to make it work! Keep going mumma, you are doing awesome and I’m praying that all your dates will align for less stress xxx🌺

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