We are ready to go 

Today we had our injection teach session, which means we are ready to start. 

It was a bit different from last time, it was just us and a nurse. We had her complete and undivided attention for over an hour, it was great as it was completely tailored to our needs, and we were able to ask all the questions we needed. As we got into the session it all came back to me, hubby was just as squeamish as before.  

I discovered my AMH has risen since the last time it was tested 4 years ago, it’s now 40, which considering I’m almost 39 I don’t think is too bad. 

I need a scan to have little look around to check for fibroids and such, which will be carried out in about 4 weeks 

The infection screening now has to be carried no more than three months before egg collection  which means I need them redone, even though I only had them done a month ago. At least hubby doesn’t need them done. 

Because of my great AMH level and my age we are eligible for the embryoscope trial, so half our embryos will be placed in a special incubator for free if we are accepted onto the trial. More news which has given me an extra boost of positivity. 

After a discussion amongst ourselves and with the nurse we decided it best to wait until my June cycle before beginning treatment, rather than down regulating  for longer. 

So due to my calculations estimated egg collection will be around the 20th July, just as I’m finishing work for the summer, an added bonus. 

So, tonight the excitement is reignited and I have a huge grin on my face 


7 thoughts on “We are ready to go 

    1. No significant changes, but last time they were taken right at the beginning of our journey so did make some changes were made after. Which I reintroduced this time if that makes sense. I’m taking a vitamin d spray which I think I’ve read can have an affect. X

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      1. That’s a coincidence because I was just looking at Zita West’s vitamin D spray on Amazon, thinking shall I buy it? My AMH is good – but I read in ‘It Starts with the Egg’ about taking up to 2000IU of vitamin D daily. Might invest! X


      2. That’s what I’m using along with her vitamins, I have to admit I only bought them as its what I took during our successful cycle and didn’t want to change anything. The vitamin d spray is a new addition. X

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