A picture of health

Today was scan day, just an assessment of my reproductive organs to ensure there are no nasties or any surprises which may affect the starting of our cycle. 

I felt a tiny bit nervous, for some reason I’d convinced myself they were going to find something wrong,something to delay us again. I also feel as if I’ve regained my dignity after so many years of poking and prodding,  bearing  all to strangers. 

But, I’m so pleased that all was healthy ‘the best womb we’ve seen all day’ was the initial reaction from the consultant. Lining thickening nicely, a lovely large follicle on the right all perfect for this stage of my cycle. 

So now! We wait, wait until the start of my next cycle so I can call the clinic to arrange for my drugs to be delivered and book in for my day 21 scan. This should be approximately 5 weeks. 


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