Today I had my first acupuncture appointment. I’m not new to acupuncture, I had it throughout all my previous cycles. But, today my session was with someone new. 

I’ve been keen to try to fit some acupuncture in again.but, the lady I saw previously requires a bit of travel time and juggling a toddler and work makes seeing her again very difficult. 

I researched some local acupuncturists and found one close to my mum, which helps with childcare. However, I just couldn’t get over them not being as good, or clued up with IVF.

I’m so glad I have someone new a go! It was fantastically relaxing. I left feeling sleepy and light. I was so impressed I’ve paid for 6 more sessions inadvance. Best of all they gave me confidence in their ability to help. Unfortunately I had the session right before work. Next time I’m going on my day off. 

New can be scary, but it can also be just what we need. 


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