Wibble, wobble 

So! I’m having a wobble. I think it’s just a mini one. 

 All the what ifs are creeping into my mind

What if it doesn’t work. What if it all goes wrong like our first two cycles. What if I can’t do this with a toddler. (This has to be the most stupid one. I can do this and I will do this)

I had a dream, all my drugs arrived at the very last minute, there were no needles, I couldn’t  get hold of any so I could start! So then I start to think, maybe this is my subconscious telling me I don’t really want to do this. But, I know I do want this. 

I’ve also started looking at holidays, something I always do when  I want to run away. But, I’m not just looking I’m seriously considering actually booking.  Maybe this is a good thing, maybe I need something else to focus on? 

So, deep breath! 

I have to say in the time I’ve written this I’m feeling slightly better already. Writing things down is a little therapeutic. 


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