Argh! Panic! Today is cycle day 1, a day earlier than expected. I know it’s ONE DAY, but I wasn’t ready for it. 

I was all prepared for tomorrow, to call the clinic to arrange dates on Monday. Just not today. I think my need to be prepared and organised comes from my job. I work with children with ASD where unexpected changes, even the smallest one can cause havoc to break out. At work we use an ‘oooops’ card so that’s what I’m showing myself today. 

8 am – I’m putting off calling the clinic, I’m  sure the nurse said I wouldn’t need to be seen until day 21, but what if they want to see me today? Or Monday? Today I’m close to the clinic, it’s workable, but I’ll have little P with me as I’m taking him for his second men b jab. Monday, I can shuffle things around, but it’s gym tots and he loves it so much. I just wanted to keep things as ‘routine’ as possible for him for as long as possible. I’d also provisionally worked out EC would be just after the term ends, this one day could mean I miss the last day of term. Not the end of the world, but not the best way to end the year.  So, I’m going to hide in the shower and pluck up the courage to call. 

9 am- I pick up the phone and dial the number, I haven’t even stored it in my ‘favourites’ yet! The clinic have had a new phone system so the number has changed. I’m already with my answer phone message in my head, I haven’t once spoken to anyone the first time I call . Then there she is, the lovely nurse on the end of the phone, not a voice recording and actual real person. I’m flustered and unprepared and begin rambling, eventually giving my name. 

The outcome is, my prescription is being faxed to the drug company and they will call to arrange delivery. Plus, I don’t need to be seen until the 8th of July once I’ve been down regging for 2 weeks. 

All the panic was for nothing.  Typical 


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