Day one 

Today is the day! The day I’ve started taking the first lot of drugs.  D-day, down regulation begins. Also the day the UK have voted to leave the EU. 

I carefully cleaned the kitchen side and opened my buserelin and prepared one needle by taking off the safety stoppers. Next I cleaned my tummy with a little wipe, pulled the plunger back to .25 then pierced the top of the little glass vial with the needle. I emptied the syringe of the air, then drew the liquid up to .25, (filing the syringe with air first makes drawing the liquid up so much easier). I pinched some skin on my tummy then inserted the needle, I just went for it. As I injected the liquid it stung a little and I was left with a little red mark after. It was just like riding a bike, I’ve not forgotten! 1 down 14 more to go before my scan to check the buserelin has done its job. 

My clinic seem to do things a little different to other clinics. Firstly I do my injections in the morning whereas I believe most people I’ve spoken to do theirs in the evening. It also seems I’m on half the dose compared to others. 

This weekend we are also away. I’m really looking forward to it, even if it is raining. 


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