And we’re off!

On Friday 8/7 I went for my down regulation scan to check my womb lining was thin and my ovaries were quiet. The nurse measured 10-12 follicles measuring about 6mm, I’m feeling pleased with this number and there were lots of little ones she didn’t measure. There was also a cyst, a small one (or so I was told) which apparently didn’t involve ovary tissue so I was able to being the menopur the following day.  Leaving the clinic I was overcome with nerves, this is really happening. 

Mixing it was easy, but drawing it up was harder as the liquid kept being sucked back into the vial. I also seem to have been prescribed an odd dose as there’s no marker for it on the syringe. 

After three days of guessing where to draw the liquid up to I called the clinic to explain and they have now rounded up my dose to make it easier for me. 

I’m slightly concerned about the cyst, but I guess only time will tell if it’s going to become an issue.  

Today I had my 8th session  of acupuncture. I’m finding them so relaxing that I actually fall asleep. 


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