Day 5 

On Wednesday 13/7 , stims day 5 I traveled to the clinic for my first scan to check out how the follicles were developing.
I had an almighty panic that the cyst was taking all the drugs and I’d just have a super cyst. 

Before the scan I spoke to the nurse about my concerns and she ensured me that the cyst was tiny and really nothing to be worrying about. Phew! Relief

I’m pleased to say all was looking well. Lining thickening nicely, already at 11. 

The nurse quietly measured all the follicles, she apologised for being quiet saying she couldn’t talk and concentrate too. So I just stared at a lamp in the corner. Usually my husband would come with me, but this time he needs to be with little p while I’m at appointments. 

She measured roughly 16 follicles. 10-12 were between 9-10mm, with one or 2 at 11 mm. The rest were smaller 7 mm or less. So the drugs are doing what they should and fingers crossed they will continue to grow at a steady pace. 

Next scan tomorrow! 


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