I feel I need to share something, I’m feeling very confused about how I feel at the moment. 

I feel Completely detached from the whole process right now. I’m going through the motions, moving forward doing what I need to do, the injections, the scans, acupuncture, eating protein taking my vitamins. I just don’t feel emotionally connected to what is actually happening. 

All around me I’m reading of women in a similar position who are sad and cross and angry and I just don’t feel anything. Or maybe I do? One minute I’m thinking of baby names and the next I struggle to think about getting to EC. But! I don’t have any overwhelming emotions connected to these feelings. 

I want this to work, I do I so want there to be another little one in our lives but…? Maybe I’m trying to protect myself, because I know how wrong it can all go for us after the trigger. 

Today’s scan went well, as usual lots of follicles, lining thickening nicely. Possibly in for EC on Wednesday but if not definitely Friday. 
Thanks for sticking with me X  


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