All done!

Yesterday I had a call from the clinic to say they had no anaesthetist so EC would take place at a different clinic. This threw me slightly as there was talk of my eggs being transported back to our clinic, or our frozen sperm travelling to the new clinic where fertilisation and then transfer would take place. Having arranged for my mum to come to me to look after little p I then needed to make arrangements for her to come even earlier as the new clinc wanted us to arrive at 7.30 am.  

Having made new arrangements and spent sometime in a panic the clinic then called me back to say they’d found someone. 

We left at 7am, I was very thirsty and feeling fairly calm. We were met by a lovely nurse who showed me to my bed and did all my health checks plus my weight. I then met the  anaesthetist and Dr who would do the EC. Luckily I was first in, but they were running a little late. Hubby was more nervous than me! 

In theatre I remember confirming my details and the canula going in ( I hate that bit) then slowly I drifted off. The next thing I remember was hearing a noise, which I thought was little p ridding his truck around the table and I started calling his name asking if he was ok. 

Back on the ward I was very drowsy still and it took me sometime to come around. 

I hadn’t been back long when the nurse popped her head around the curtain to say they had collected 20 eggs. Before we left we found out one wasn’t looking good so the number dropped to 19, the same number we had last time. 

I’m really pleased with the number of eggs, but now is the time it all starts to go a bit wrong. Our fertilisation rates are never good, about 25%. We have consented to take part in a study into the effectiveness of the embryoscope. But! We need at least 6 embryos to go ahead. 

So now. The nervous wait for the phone call from the embryologist to say how many have fertilised. 


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