The phone call

It’s 10am and I’m going a little mad. I’m sat waiting for the call from the embryologist to say how many of the eggs collected yesterday have fertilised. My phone hasn’t left my sight, and I keep checking it every few minutes in case I missed the call. My husband called and I told him I couldn’t talk. They normally call early, certainly before 9am. So now I’m panicking that something has gone wrong. Maybe none have fertilised. Argh! When will they call? 

They called and now I wish they hadn’t. I wish I still had a little excitement and most of all hope that this time might be different. I could tell from the non cheery voice on the end of the phone it wasn’t great news. 

14 of the eggs were suitable to inject and 5 have fertilised normally. 5! I’m not shocked but I’m very very disappointed. All  we needed was 6, 6 to be able to use the embryoscope, was 6 from 19 really too much to ask?  I managed to hold it together on the phone, but cried as soon as I put it down. I texted hubby to let him know and he immediately called me back, but I couldn’t answer the phone. I did call him back a few minutes later, he only told me exactly what I already knew 5 is better than none, but it still doesn’t take away the disappointment I feel. 

I’m going to have a cry until I get this posted then that’s it. I’m done, no more tears just lots of positivity. 

We are booked in for a 3dt on Saturday unless they are doing super well, which I know won’t be the case. I’m not being negative just realistic. 


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