Let me introduce 

Acorn and chestnut, these are the names my husband has chosen for the two little embryos I now have snuggling inside. 

The pictures are not great as they were moving around a lot and the quality could be better. Both graded as a ‘3’ one with 8 cells and one with 10, when the embryologist called this morning it was a 9 cell. But, I have been told they are still both capable of achieving a pregnancy. So now with everything crossed we hope that in 11 days we have a positive pregnant test. 

The consultant was running late and my bladder was fit to burst. But transfer went smoothly. 

A big shock for me was the clinic no longer do blood tests and have sent me home with a pregnancy test which I’m freaking out about as I’ve not needed to do one before. 

In less than 2 weeks we will know if this cycle has been successful. 


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