3 days past transfer 

Yesterday the clinic called to update me on our remaining embryos. They are still growing, but still behind. None of them have reached blastocyst, but one looks like it’s trying to they are giving them one more day and I should receive further updates later today 

I’m feeling a tad down, not about the outcome, but my weight. I’m so bloated none of my clothes fit. I have 2 comfy pairs of trousers which now need washing. I have on  a pair of trousers with an elasticated waisted and I look like I have 3 tummys. I don’t want to leave the house, I’m embarrassed. 

The call from the clinic came as I was taking a train ride around the zoo. Two of the three became morlas, but they will not leave them any longer to see what happens. I knew we’d have nothing to freeze. But, the fact our poorest 3 embryos made some efforts to becoming blastocysts gives me some hope that the ones we had transferred have some chance of doing the same. 


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