The tww continues 

I feel the need to mention the use of pesky progesterone throughout the tww. Most people think they ‘know’ what happens during IVF. They ‘know’ about the injections but how many ‘know’ about the use of progesterone? It’s a pain, it masks and imitates the success and failure of a cycle all at the same time. It’s responsible for headaches, cramps, bloating, moodiness, weight gain and a hundred other side effects. It’s messy and for some painful. And that’s just the short version.  I get the long straw when it comes to progesterone, just once a day, in the evening and it’s not so messy.

I’ve decided to try and keep myself a little check list of what’s going on and when. So, during future cycles I can compare what was going on. I really do wish I’d done this before. 

At 6dpt I wake up feeling, nothing, I feel completely normal. As the day goes on I’m more and more convinced it hasn’t worked. By the evening I’m getting some rib pain just like I do before my period and then the bloating returns. Not as bad as before but enough to make me feel uncomfortable. I have a cry over something really stupid. 
7dpt again I wake feeling nothing. But some small spots have appeared on my chin over night.  Then early evening I feel some stabbing pains,low down in the middle of my pelvis. I start to get my hopes up that maybe it’s implantation I can feel and the bloating returns. But, deep down I know that come test day it’s going to be negative. 

8dpt I’ve woken with a dull burning pain in the area of my right ovary and into my lower back. Also some clear mucusy stuff with the excess crinone first thing.  With some paracetamol the pain subsides and I feel pretty normal all day, other than the nagging feeling at the back of my mind that it hasn’t worked. Early evening and I have pain in my ribs under my boobs and into my back just under my shoulders, more paracetamol needed.  I’m now really certain that this hasn’t worked. I’ve popped a bottle of something fizzy in the fridge to enjoy tomorrow evening. 

3 more tubes of crinone to go. 


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