The end is near

Today is 9dp transfer and it’s been a strange day. Mid morning I began feeling sick, then out of nowhere I was almost sick a couple of times. This happens again late afternoon. I’m wondering if it was down to feeling hungry or nervous. I’ve been feeling much happier today, not because I’ve changed my mind about the outcome, maybe it’s because I’ve not been in any pain, other than a little in my shoulder but I’ve probably pulled a muscle.  Early evening the pain under my ribs starts again.  By 9pm the pain has become unbearable, it’s making me want to throw up and I’m so uncomfortable I take some paracetamol lie down. I’m not sure if it’s the paracetamol or lying down But I feel much better. Tomorrow I need to be brave and actually buy a pregnancy test. 

10dp transfer, the pain from last night is completely gone. But, as soon as I sit up I want to throw up and I notice the pain in my shoulder again. Later in the morning I get awful cramps, not period type, but I need the toilet now type. 

Before meeting my mum for lunch I nip into boots and buy a pregnancy test, then hide it under the pram. We have lunch and do a bit of shopping.  Then the cramping returns and I feel like I want to throw up. I rush to the toilets, but the cramps continue and I need the toilet now! When I get there I have to wait. Once in the  cubicle I don’t know if I should sit on the toilet or put my head down it. I just about mange to drive us home then spend the next half an hour in the toilet at home for the rest of the afternoon I feel much better. But slightly headachy and sick. 
I have the two pregnancy tests already in the bathroom for the morning. I’ve not had any spotting, which I have had previously on unsuccessful cycles but I feel my body and the progesterone are playing a cruel trick on me. 

My head says tomorrow all I’m going to see is one lonely line, but my heart so wants this to have worked I’ve no idea what we will do next if it hasn’t worked. 


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