Diet starts today!

Well it started a week ago. 

I have just finished reading the book It starts with the egg. I’m already taking most of the recommended supplements, but will increase my dose of CQ10, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. At our review I’m going to ask about melatonin. 

The book also has some suggestions about diet. Now, I must admit that when we first started IVF I went all out with the fertility diet and this time I tried. Although I upped my protein intake I didn’t reduce or change my carbohydrate intake. So, maybe this did have an influence on the quality? 

I’m sticking with my berry smoothies with avocado for breakfast. Swapping white pasta and rice for whole grain and attempting to cut out all breads and up my protein. 

For a couple of days I’ve really struggled, craving sugar all the time. In the middle of the week I have a bad day spending most of the day on the verge of tears, I’m still so sad about the failed cycle. 

At the end of the first week I’ve lost 2lbs and I’m feeling quiet pleased with myself. I’m feeling less bloated and could do with losing a little more. 

Our review appointment has been postponed by one week as hubby booked in some work that he’s unable to change its with a Dr we’ve seen before and now I’m more nervous than I was before. 


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