Day 8

Day 8 and scan number 2 today. 

I didn’t have a good night sleep last night, for two reasons. My little boy is still poorly and I was awake worrying that my follicles would have grown too much, but not quite enough for EC on Wednesday. So today I’ve fell very tired. 

The nurse measured a total of 25 follicles. Great number, but I do usually have more. When you’ve had so many cycles you can’t help but compare. 

They measured between 17-6mm.  But none over the line. The nurse wasn’t sure when EC would be so the decision was left to the Drs. In the end I had a call to say we would continue with stims until Wednesday with EC on Friday. 

I had my acupuncture today, of course I fell asleep. I’m now going to do season 6 of headspace and I’m really enjoying it. 


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