Egg collection day

Today was egg collection, although I wasn’t feeling nervous I was a bit down about how many eggs we might get. My prediction was 8

Today I was the only one in for egg collection so I had the ward to myself, taken to theatre promptly and the last thing I remember is feeling fuzzy. When I woke I was crying. 

A little later a nurse came to tell us we had 18 eggs, but I missed that as I was still crying and half asleep. 

I’ve been asked to try a new support app so the man creating it came to speak to me and set it up on my phone. I’m the first to trial it. 

Tonight I take my first crinone. I’m also unusually very uncomfortable, having lots of really painful cramping pains. It’s painful to sit and it’s moving up into my ribs. 

Fingers crossed a good nights sleep will help. 


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