Day of ET

This morning the embryologist called fairly early with an update on our embryos. 6 of those which fertilised went on to become embryos. 

1@12 cell 2@9 cell 1@8 cell and 2@ less than 8 Indontvthink she said the exact number. The 8 cell was graded as a 2 all others a 3 so the decision was made to transfer the 8 and one of the better 9’s. They wanted us in for 11am, slight problem in that we had to take little p to my mum who lives 40 mins away in the opposite direction to the hospital. The traffic was good and we made it with time to spare. 

Half way there I needed the toilet and I knew there was no way I could wait until the transfer. So, I continued to drink water then used the toilet at the hospital 40 mins before transfer. 

Once we were on the ward in our cubical gowning up I became completely overwhelmed and began to cry. In fact I’ve cried on and off for most of the day. I’m so scared this isn’t going to work. 


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