The weather has been miserable, but luckily today’s plans to distract were all indoors. 

Today I’ve had a bit of cramping,more period pain like than the previous days, I’ve also been itchy and peeing a lot. But I think that is due to the bloating I still have. which means I don’t feel hungry,so I’m eating because I have to. Last night I had a dream about having a baby boy! 

Today I saw a family member whom my mum has told about our treatment. I was caught a little of guard when they began asking , how I’m feeling. When will we know? Do I feel any different? I don’t mind people knowing but I’d rather not face their questioning. We also bumped into one of hubby’s friends who said ‘isn’t it about time little p has a brother or sister?’ Hubby said it definitely is. This threw me even more. 

But, over all I’ve had a fairly good day. 


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