7dp 3dt

Today my positivity hit the floor, this morning I came to the conclusion it was all over. But! My day did get better. 

Today’s photo is one of 100 taken by my toddler and most of them not too bad. Lunch out with mum drinking lovely hot chocolate.  

Last night I had the pain in my ribs I get before AF, but then I wasn’t sure if it was my ribs or my boobs hurting. This morning I woke with a burning pain over my left ovary, and into my back. I’ve been taking paracetamol but it’s still there. I also have a spot on my chin another sign AF is on its way. 

I went for my weekly acupuncture session which really helped to calm me and this evening I’m trying a new meditation app, I’m working my way through the free sessions. 

My boobs still ache a little I think! I’ve been poking and pressing them a lot so maybe I’ve just bruised them! I’m also still very thirsty and dry mouthed and liped. 


2 thoughts on “7dp 3dt

  1. I’m 7dp5dt it’s crazy this wait. I had a few spots Saturday night and kind of freaked but after dr google it seems normal and especially since I’m using crinone gel. It’s insane how you analyze every single little thing. Praying for you and a BFP!!

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