8dp 3dt

I’m driving myself completely crazy!

Last night I had a strange throbbing feeling in my belly. 

I’ve spent all day swinging between convinced that it’s worked to feeling that it hasn’t. But, I did stock up on sanitary products so I don’t have to go out when we’ve found out it hasn’t worked. 

I even went into boots to buy a test! That’s just not me. I quickly turned around and walked back out empty handed. 

My boobs are still sore, well they are tender when little p puts his elbows in them. But then again maybe they always feel like this 

I’m still very thirsty and dry mouthed and lipped. 

More dull aching low down, not cramping but  noticeable   

I’m feeling strangely calm, I’m not emotional like I’ve been before. Maybe I’m just all cried out. 


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