5 weeks

Today I’m 5 weeks pregnant. I’m having times when I can’t help but get excited and then times when I’m so anxious it’s all going to go wrong. 

Today I did a clear blue digital, I hoped it would help be feel a bit more positive. To my absolute amazement it came up with a 3+. I’ve heard lots of stories from ladies who find these tests don’t give them a 3+ so I’m feeling much better. 

This week I’ve had some sharp pains around my ovaries on both sides. 

I’ve had some aching low down,not cramps but a constant dull ache. 

I’ve lost my appetite, probably partly due to the bloating and I don’t feel sick, but my tummy doesn’t feel right. I’m hoping these are all god signs. 

I also have the biggest,sorest spots I’ve ever had. 


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