9 weeks

Today I’m 9 weeks pregnant. I think I’m finally getting over the shock of twins, and at times I’m starting to feel a little excited. 

But! I’m also feeling very anxious. I’m worried that when we go back for our next scan something may have happened to one, or both babies. 

I’m also really worried that I’m not giving the babies the best chance to grow and be healthy as I’ve been so sick. On Sunday night I ended up in a&e on a drip as I’d been so sick, they also gave me an anti sickness medicine . Since then I’ve been very up and down with sickness having bad days and better days. I’m just finding it so difficult to eat. The placenta should be beginning to take over about now so hopefully the sickness will improve. 

My midwife booking appointment isn’t for another 2 weeks, which is also causing me to worry. 


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