Booking in

Today I had my booking in appointment with my midwife at 10+6, it wasn’t actually my midwife as she’s on holiday. But, she was a very lovely midwife from another surgery. 

We completed all my forms, and despite handing her my paper work from the clinic she missed the bit where it said two heart beats detected. 

Because it’s a twin pregnant and because of my age I’m seen as high risk. 

At the end of the appointment she asked if I’d like her to try and find the heart beat, she warned me we’d probably only hear 1 and maybe none at all so if it would make me more anxious she wouldn’t do it. It was as this pint I completely broke down crying and explained how anxious I’d been feeling. So she gave it a go. 

She felt my tummy and said that although I’m only 11 weeks I’m already measuring 14 which is a good sign. After what felt like forever she found a heart beat, very briefly with a small kick it was gone. She kept prodding and found it again. She said she couldn’t be sure, but the second time it sounded different so could have been the second baby. 

It has made me feel slightly better, but I’m sure my worries will return. 


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