It never rains but pours! 

On Monday we had the harmony test, at the same place we had our 11 week scan. It was all fairly straight forward. Quick scan showed both babies growing and measuring well. Two tubes of blood taken and some forms filled in and signed. 

Later the same day I collected our cat from my nan, he’d been staying there while we were away on holiday. He hadn’t been home long when I noticed one of his eyes had changed colour. I quickly called the vet and we saw them yesterday, they diagnosed glaucoma and made a referral to a specialist vet. 

Today we had our appointment with the specialist. She made a very thorough examination of his eyes and then came the bad news. No mention of glaucoma but a tumour in his eye. It’s either a non -cancerous tumour, cancerous or caused by an infection. As it’s grown so quickly it’s unlikely to to be non-cancerous. So we are left with either infection or cancer. His eye pressure is very high and the eye is bulging. I’ve been sent home with 3 types of eye drop, one to go in 6 times a day and the others 3 times a day. Trying to get these drops in a wriggly fighting cat who won’t keep his head still has so far been difficult, but I’ve done it. 

We return on Friday when a different vet is going to assess his whole body, X-rays and ultrasounds looking to see if there are growths else where in his body. 

When the vet first told me I was ok. But the more I thought about it as I drove home the more upset I became. I again had to pass on the bad news to my husband and my nan. 

During my last pregnancy our other cat became very poorly, passing away the day of my baby shower. I’m beginning to feel that we are trading the lives of our dearly beloved pets so we can have a baby. I’m sure it’s all just a cruel coincidence but I’m feeling like I can’t take much more stress or bad news right now. 


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